Audio Slide

Display5 supports the playback of audio files within your show. Supported formats include MP3, OGG and WAV. The audio playback does not require a plugin as it is natively supported by HTML5 in the browser.

In addition to the audio file itself, there is also the option to add an image which will form a background to the slide itself when the audio is playing. You can click on the browse buttons for the image file and add the audio file to the slide:



When you add an audio file you must also select the mime type for the file.  This is in case you upload a file with no extension. After uploading the file select the mime type from the drop down list. Then you can enter the width and height for the image that you are adding and as with all other Display5 slides you can set duration, schedule and background color. Remember to give your slide a title as well.


When the slide is opened in the play sequence the audio will automatically play. If you did not add an image then you will simply see a blank slide (white by default) with no content but you will still hear the audio.