Google Map Widget

The "Google Map" widget is a sophisticated map builder for your Show that offers powerful options to customize your map view. For this widget to work the players that are showing this slide must have Internet access.


Select the add button to create a Google map and you will be taken to the slide creation window which is shown below:



The first thing to note is the pop up box (top left) that is asking permission to set your current location on the map. If you intend to use your current location as your map, then click on the share location button in this popup.  If you do not want to use your current location, then just close the popup.


In this map setup window, you will note that there is a map window to the left, which will show a preview of the final map you will save in the slide. You may find that if you are adding a map to a large panel then not all of the map is visible in this window on the left hand side. You will need to scroll around within this window to see the full map if it is bigger.


You can start by typing in a location in the "Location" input field. You can enter any address or postcode, e.g. Time Square, New York - and the map will center on that location. You can zoom in and out on the map using the map zoom pull down menu, or you can use the map controls in the bottom right of the map window in the left side preview panel.  


You can add a centered label on the map by typing some text into the "Label" input field in the right window.  If you leave this blank, then no label will be shown. You can also turn on the Google Maps Marker by clicking the radio button "Show Marker" at the bottom right and then hitting the "Apply" button.


To pick a map style you have a few choices.  In the drop down list for "Type", you will see "ROADMAP", "SATELLITE", "TERRAIN" and "HYBRID".  Experiment with these map types to find one that suits your needs. 


You can also overlay up-to-date traffic information on to your map by checking on the "Show Traffic" radio button on the bottom right hand side of the window. Always remember to hit "Apply" button once you make any changes and the map on the left hand side will update to reflect those changes.


If you know the Longitude and Latitude Coordinates, you can enter these into the "Longitude" and "Latitude" input fields in this window.


Finally, you can set the height and width for the final map in the slide (default is the panel size) in the corresponding input fields in this window.


Once you are happy with the map configuration, and you have applied all your changes, you can click the "Save Map" button on the lower left hand side of the window and it will open the standard slide create window that looks like this:


The "Show/Hide Gmap Params" button will reveal the actual script code for the final map image that you have created.  Only edit this if you understand the workings of Google maps. 

Now give the slide a name, duration, a background color and set the overall dimensions of the slide in the panel - the default dimension values for the panel are the panel size.