HTML EMBED code Widget

As well as being to add whole websites to your Shows you can also add a snippet of HTML code as well. This is particularly useful if you only want to embed a widget or a single web component from another site into your Show.  The embed can be ANYTHING that is supported by the browser:  video, animation, tickers, stock feeds, webcams and more. Any site that offers the embed option (Facebook, YouTube, Google Maps, Twitter, etc.) can be added to this slide.


If you already have code snippet, then you can simply click on the show/hide embed button and enter the code directly into the text input field. We also provide you with a range of sample embeds from other websites, such as video feeds, webcams, etc. Click on the "Open List" button to open a set pre-selected embed code items.


NOTE - we do not guarantee and support external feed content, nor do we provide any broadcast license for this content.  If applicable, you will need to obtain the relevant broadcast permissions for this information to be displayed in a public area.


You can also set the duration for this slide, as well as the background color and optionally, schedule the slide.