Image Multiple Slide Create

A powerful feature of the Display5 program is the ability to auto-create slides using the "Image - Multiple Slide create" option in the "Images" section of the "Add Slides and Widgets" window. Selecting the "Image - Multiple Slide create" button will open up a new window. For PowerPoint presentations you will need to simply save the PPT file as a series of images (prior to using this feature).  Make sure you use images that are no bigger than the panel size.



This window lets you upload images in bulk and create multiple slides that will appear at the end of your panel Playlist.  You can run this auto slide tool multiple times if you wish and the slides will continue to be added to your panel Playlist, numbering from the highest upwards.  Slide titles will be 1_slide, 2_slide, etc.  You can change the names after loading them.


You can specify the images that you are uploading to be stretched or left as is in the panel in the "Select the Default Slide Type" field. The image will be adjusted to fit the panel if you select "Image scaled to fit". You can also select the background color for every slide, specify a default duration for each slide and also select a default transition for each image slide in the sequence.


1. First click on the browse button  and multi-select images using the Mac or Windows file window techniques for multiple select
2. Select the default duration & transition, and background color if required, for each slide.  Whatever you select will be the same for all the slides you upload. You can make changes once the images are uploaded
3. Hit the "Save" button. When complete the window will automatically close.

4. You will then see all the new slides you have added will appear in the bottom of the panel Playlist. You can edit each slide individually afterwards if you wish to make further changes.