Image on Image Slide

Display5 offers a number of different image formats and types that can be added to your show. The "Image on Image" slide is exactly as it sounds, one image on top of another. This slide type is particularly useful if you are using a background theme and you want to have that theme appear in all slides. The Foreground image should always ideally be a little smaller than the background image.


To add the images, click on the "Browse" button for both the foreground and background images. You can also click on the library link to open the list of any previously uploaded images that you may want to re-use. You can also select a transition effect for the slide - this ONLY affects the foreground image and not the background.  Images that are not exactly the size of the panel will either be scaled up or down to fit  in the case of  the background image, or in the case of the foreground image, will be centered exactly in the panel and the size will not be adjusted. Like all other Display5 slides you can specify the background color, duration and schedule for this "Image on Image" slide.