3D Pi Graph Widget

To add a 3D Pi Chart, enter the values and labels for each Pi slice and then adjust the colors, labels, font sizes and chart size settings, as well as setting the angle of view of the chart itself.


Give your chart a title which will appear in the chart slide, enter the labels that you want to show for each slice, comma separated.  Then enter the values for each slice, comma separated (e.g. 123.12, 312,4, 244.22, 54).  You can enter decimal point values if you wish as well. Then enter the overall width and select a scaling or 3D Pi diagram width as well as the color theme that you wish to use. Also now enter the angle of view (20 -70 degrees is recommended).  Add a duration and optionally, schedule the slide.


You can also set the font sizes for both the title of the 3D Pi chart as well as the title for each slice. Note: the labels will appear alongside each slice with the percentage automatically calculated.