Rich Text Ticker slide

The "Rich Text Ticker" slide is a moving text widget just like the style of stock tickers that you would see in Times Square, New York. You can set a wide variety of attributes for the ticker itself.


Specify the width and height of the ticker.  Select the behavior of the ticker which is essentially how you want the ticker to move.  The ticker movement is made up of the 3 fields: "Ticker Behavior", "Ticker Movement Direction" and "Ticker Speed".  

"Ticker Behavior" options are to "scroll", "slide" or "alternate" - bounce back and forth.


"Ticker Movement Direction" options are: "left", "right", "up" and "down".  The usual way for tickers to move is from the right to the left, or "left movement", because that is the way that most people read from left to right.


"Ticker Speed" is the speed of the ticker motion.  Low numbers are slow and the higher you go the faster the ticker moves.  Be careful with setting ticker speed.  Ticker movement is very compute intensive.  Every time a ticker moves over one pixel it has to be redrawn on the screen.  If your player is underpowered or if you move the ticker at too high a speed, the movement will look jerky.  Try a lower ticker speed so the player does not have redraw the ticker as quickly.


Next, format the style of the text for the ticker (font, font size, font color, etc.). You can then also add a top margin to the ticker to position it down or up in the panel if the text does not fill the panel completely.


You can now type in the message in "The Ticker Message" input field.  Then if needed add the duration you want the message to play and schedule play of the slide if required.