Text Widget

We have already looked at the text widget, however there are additional options available for the text slide. You can add an image to the slide as a background to the text. Hitting the browse button will open a file dialog that will allow you to browse for any image type supported. Remember that the image and the text should be a different color so that the text can be properly seen. You can also select an image from the library of images that have already been added to the show by hitting the library hyperlink in the modal window.  By doing this you are re-using a piece of content previously used in another slide.


This will then open up a new window that you can browse and select a prior image from. The image that you select will be adjusted to fill the entire panel background so any background color will be obscured.


You can also add a transition effect to the text from the drop down list. This can be any effect from the 16 available. The transition will ONLY affect the text and not the image in the background. You can go ahead and experiment with different transitions in the list.