TV Widgets

Display5 is able to support live either a TV feed (e.g. Cable) or streaming TV video in a panel of a Show. In this section we are only going to cover the live TV streaming over the Internet - an IPTV stream. This built in capability allows us to provide a sample of various free live video sources that are being broadcast on the public Internet.


PLEASE NOTE - we do not guarantee these free IPTV streams are always broadcasting and we are not a licensed broadcaster of any of these channels. If you wish to display these channels and feeds in any public place will need to make your own determination regarding the relevant broadcast permissions for these channels.


Please see Display 5 TV guide for information on connecting live Cable or Satellite TV stream to a Show panel. 


Live TV Widget

Adding an IP source TV feed is very simple. If you have your own internal broadcast URL then you simply need to paste the URL into the feed source input field. Alternatively, you can click on the "Open List" button beside the "Live TV Source Feed" input field, to bring up a list of free public Internet channels, and then select the one you want from the list. The channel URL will automatically be copied from the list to the input field.



Once you have selected a channel and the URL is pasted into the "Live TV Source Feed" input field, you can now specify the background colour, width and height of the feed, the duration that this feed will stay on screen and optionally, schedule the slide.

Once you save the slide and preview the broadcast you may need to wait a few seconds for the stream to start as the panel must cache a few seconds of video before rendering the video.