Twitter Feed Scroller

The "Twitter Feed Scroller" is a much more versatile Twitter widget that is animated and gives you a lot more control over the Tweets displayed and their behavior.




This widget uses a Twitter API account and authorization through Display5 in order to retrieve the Tweets for any account so you do not need to access your Twitter account to create a Twitter widget.  You simply need to provide a Twitter profile name in the input field, a Twitter feed account source, e.g. CNN, BBCnews, etc. You then need to specify the total number of Tweets to read from the account.  You can make this 40, 50, 100, etc. - this will be the total number of Tweets that the widget will scroll through. Next you need to specify the number of Tweets that will scroll up each time.   Typically, you would set this to a low number so that there are always a number of Tweets that stay on screen for longer.  Set the delay time between each scroll event in seconds - e.g. 10, then set how long you want the scrolling to take - typically this would be 1, 2 or 3 seconds maximum.


You then need to enter the width of the feed window - we recommend you make this smaller than the width of the whole panel.  And finally set the height of the feed window.  Again set this to a lower size than the height of the panel.


You can also set the space above and below each Tweet to provide some separation in the between the text of each Tweet.  You can also set the default font size for all the Tweet"s text.  Then set a background color, the slide duration and optionally, schedule the slide.