Twitter Static Widget

This is the most basic of the Twitter feed widgets.  The widget does not move or animate the tweets - the tweets are static once they are displayed.


To add this slide type you must have a Twitter account and access the widget section of that account.  Here is how:


Go to your Twitter account home page.  Click on your picture in the top-right and you will get a drop down menu.  Click on the "Settings" item.  See example below:



A list of "Settings" items will appear on the left side as in the example below.  Click on the item that says "Widgets".  See example below:


Clicking the "Widgets" item in the list will bring you to this webpage.  Insert the Twitter account that you want to display in your Show.  In this example we are using Jennifer Lopez" Twitter account.


Then click on the "Create widget" button.  You will then see this window:



Copy the code that is circled in RED.  Then click on "Save changes".  Now paste the code into the appropriate input field in the Display 5 "Static Twitter" window.


Then set the background color, the duration and optionally, schedule the slide.


The resultant Twitter widget will only update if a Tweet is added to the account. Internet access is required on the player for this widget to work.