VLC Video Widgets

Display5 works with the VLC media player for playback of a wide range of media types. You MUST install the Videolan VLC player plugin first on your media players to ensure that playback will work. Visit the following site http://www.videolan.org to ensure that your OS and browser is supported.  You need to make sure that you install the browser plugin when you install the main package. The plugin is available for Firefox but not Chrome (Chrome has other plugins that will support media playback - such as http://www.videoexpertsgroup.com/chrome-media-player-plug-in/ the VXG media plugin)


Once you have the VLC plugin installed you will be able to add VLC video playback to your shows. There are several VLC widgets available, two are for live streaming and the other two are for static file playback. One of the VLC playback slides will only work on the Internet Explorer browser while the others are designed to work in Firefox and other browsers.


Browse to the file that you want play back and then set the width and height of the playback window. Like all other Display5 slides you can set the duration, background color and schedule for the slide as well.


To add a live stream slide, instead of browsing to the local file on your system, please enter the URL for the live stream - for example mystream.m3u8 or RTSP:// -


VLC natively supports a wide range of video formats for playback - see the following table for more information - http://www.videolan.org/vlc/features.php?cat=video