Accuweather Widget

"Accuweather" provides a very simple single location widget that shows the current weather conditions for any location in the world.


You can pick from any of the pre-configured cities in the list, or you can enter the location yourself. To get access to the location or City code you will need to open the Accuweather site in a separate browser window and search for the city. 


After locating the city hover over the city name to find the city code.  It will be something like 55433 or 3455 or 322788.  It will also appear in the URL for the actual town as well - e.g.  For Bedford the city code is 326932, the last part of the URL above.


This widget will adjust to the size of your panel and so you do not need to enter the width and height. You can specify the duration, schedule and background color for this slide.