Weather Network Widget

The Weather Network also offers a range of widgets that you can embed in your Show and customize for different locations. We provide a collection of templates for this weather widget, that you can see if you click on the "Open Template" button next to the "Template for weather" field.


You can specify the position of the top-left corner of the widget on the slide by entering the top and left values in pixels. To obtain the location code for your chosen city or location you will need to go to Weather Network website. You need to find the data-placecode value for the city you want the weather for.  Here is how you find the data-placecode.


Use the inspector browser tool (built into Firefox and Chrome) to look for the data-placecode value on the HTML page.   Here is how you do it with Firefox.  Using Firefox go to the Weather Network website page for a weather forecast, e.g. 14 day forecast.  Find the country & city you would like the forecast for within the list of cities under the letter the city starts with, e.g. go to the "T" page for Toronto.  When you are on the page with the weather for the city of your choice, click on the menu icon in the top-right corner.  A menu will open - click on the "Developer" icon. See below:



A new menu will open up.  Click on the "Inspector", item in the list - see below:



Clicking the "Inspector" item in the list will give you a webpage that looks like this:


First, click the small button near the bottom-left as indicated in the screen shot above.  Second, click on the city that you would like the data-placecode for.  Third, the bottom part of the browser will highlight the lines that contain the data-placecode that you are looking for.  In the example above it says: data-placecode="caon0696".  The caon0696 is the data-placecode for the location that you need.  Insert the data-placecode into the field called "City code".

Next you can select Centigrade or Fahrenheit degrees using the radio buttons. You can set the background color, duration and optionally, schedule the slide as well.