YouTube Video Slide

Display5 allows you to embed a YouTube video into your slide show. After hitting the "Add" button to add a YouTube video you will be presented with this screen:


You need to get the unique media id from the actual YouTube video URL. To do this simply click in the YouTube link in the slide create panel, to open a new window to the YouTube site. After you have found the video that you want to embed, then grab the unique ID at the end of the URL - e.g. if the URL is then insert only the vMFBttUb2Pg (Everything after the '=' symbol) into the input field back in the slide create window.



Next you can specify a start point in the video or an endpoint in the video in seconds so that you can cue up the video segment precisely. When you enter a start point and end point the duration will be automatically calculated for you. Leave the fields blank if you want the video to play for the entire duration of the slide.



Enter a width and height for the video embed, any background color, and schedule the slide if you wish.  Click on "Save" to save the settings.