Adding Content to Your Playlist


Display5 offers an incredibly diverse range of media support and a wide range of widgets that can be added to your shows. Media formats supported include:


Video Formats


RTSP Streams, Multicast streams, RTP, Flash streaming, HLS, HDS streams, etc

Audio Formats

MPEG3 audio , AAC, OGA, WAV etc

Image Files



Display5 also includes a large number of widgets or components such as weather widgets, clock widgets, chart / KPI (Key Performance Indicators) widgets, Social Media widgets, PDFs, Map widgets, RSS widgets, ticker widgets and more.  All of which are browser compatible components that you can insert as a slide in a panel of one of your Shows.

Adding a New Slide

From the Playlist page you will notice that on the left hand side of the screen there is a list of panels, each of these is a hyperlink that brings a separate Playlist of items for each panel to the right hand side of the page.  As you select the panel number (i.e. Panel 1, Panel 2, etc.) you will also notice that there are 2 indicators as to what panel you are currently working on:

1.     The active Panel has a white background which flows to the right into the Playlist area, and:

2.     The screen representation image below changes to shade the active panel a dusty red colour.


To add a new piece of content to the active Panel Playlist, click on the "Add New Slide" button beneath the Playlist on the right of the screen. This will open a new screen that will look like this:



The title of this page is "Adding Slide to Panel1". On the right you will now see a list of all the various widgets and media types categories that you can add to your show. When you click on any one of these items the list will expand.  Here is what it looks like when you click on the "Text and Tables" category:



When you click on one of the items within a category, it will generate a new slide in the panel that will play the content that you specify.  You will also have the capability to specify scheduling or playback rules of the new content slide.


Begin by opening the text and tables menu, as per the example above, and selecting the "Text" widget, click on the "Add" button to the right of the description to add this slide. This will open up a pop up window that looks like this:



As you can see from this pop up window there are various fields that you need to enter information into, as well as some common config options such as background colour & opacity and scheduling calendar that appear in this window. The first thing to do is give your slide a title so that when you are viewing your playlist you know at a glance what the content is. In this example we are going to enter "Text Introduction" into the slide title field.


Now scrolling down to the "Text Content" window further down in the pop-up window, you are going to add some text that will appear in the slide when it loads. Type in some text into this window, and then highlight the text with the mouse and change the characteristics of the text by changing the options in the menu bar at the top of the Text Content window.


This when you are finished with your choices, the text is now formatted and ready to be played in your slide sequence. Scroll down to the bottom of the window and click the "Save" button.


The system should then return to the panels window and you should now see a new slide that you created appear beneath the first text slide.


You may notice from the image above that the publish check box is not selected. This means that this content item is not yet actively playing in the Playlist.  It will not be played on the media player unless it is published. You can publish the item anytime by simply clicking on the checkmark box and a checkmark will appear.


You might also notice that the duration of the slide is 5 seconds, which is the default.  This value can be changed at the time the slide is created or the value can be edited at any time.