Adjustable Panels Template

From the left had side menu select the "Create" option and then select "Create a Show" from the list. From the window the appears select the Adjustable Panels Template option.



This will then open a window where you will need to give your Show a name (mandatory) as well as select the time zone and target TV resolution as well as add a description for your Show. Enter the values in these input fields and select the target resolution from the drop down list.


Now that you have entered the information you click on the "Select a template" button at the bottom and you will then see a screen that will offer a choice of screen layouts where you can adjust the panel sizes.


Use the image on the right hand side as a guide to the actual layout end result and select if you wish to see borders or not.  Once you have picked a template that you want, you will be able fine tune or tweak it.  Click on "Next" and you will see a new screen that contains a graphical representation of the chosen layout (not to scale) and various field boxes overlayed on the screen layout that require you to enter the dimensions - the fine tuning or adjusting of the panel sizes.


In the example above you will see that there is a reminder at the top of the overall screen size and 4 field entry boxes that require a value to be entered. As you input values in these fields, other panels will be automatically adjusted based on the values entered.


You can see in the following diagram that the 4 values have been entered into each of the field boxes:



Now you simply click on the "Next" button in order to save the dimension values you have entered. Once saved the Display5 program will then take you automatically to the Playlist window for the new Show you have created.   Note that the dimensions you have chosen are now shown in the panel list to the left.



You can now go ahead and start to add your slides to the Show Playlist.