Creating your First Show

From the left hand menu select the Create Button

From the sub menu select the "Create a Show" option.  The main window will change to show you a choice of show creation methods. To start we are going to be using the basic capabilities of the program and selecting the "Static Panels Template" option. Later on we will look at more advanced show creation options. Click on the  image for the "Static Panel Template".



This will then take you to a new screen where you are going to enter the name for our Show; give the Show a description; select a time zone for the show; and, pick the target screen resolution for your Show.  The resolution will depend on the TV display that your Show will be playing on.  All these fields are mandatory.



The TV sizes listed in the drop down menu are the most common sizes found in the market.  If you don't see your TV resolution, then please contact us and we can add the additional sizes.  When all the fields are completed, click the "Select a template" button.


This will bring you to a page where you can select from one of the standard static templates that have been pre-defined in the system.



There are a dozen or more standard layouts and by selecting from the drop down list you will see on the right hand side of this screen a graphical representation of the layout that you have chosen, along with the dimensions of the panels or zones that make up this layout.


See the example image below, for a 3 panel layout where one panel is a ticker

After selecting a layout you are also given the option to turn on borders, which will put a black 1 pixel line around each of the panels in the layout, this by default is turned off and we would recommend that you leave this off unless the border is desired.


Hit the "Next" button at the bottom once you have selected your layout and you will notice that there is a small pause as the system creates the brand new show for you using the settings that you have chosen.


You will then be automatically redirected to a new page that will look similar to this:


This is the main page for building your content Playlist for your Show. This screen highlights the panel which you are currently building a Playlist for.  This screen is the same for every Show that you create. This Playlist page is where you will:

1.     Add content

2.     Select the panels to manage

3.     Preview and move content in the ordering, and

4.     Access the full scope of details of the content items.


Every time you create a new Show, a sample text slide is inserted in every panel as a content placeholder.  This is necessary because the browser must have content to play or it will generate an error.  When you add your own content slides, you can delete the placeholder text slides.


Congratulations you have now created your first Display5 show!  That was pretty easy. Next we are going to look at how we now add our first content items or media to a Show.