Free Design Template

Free design is the most flexible of the Show creation methods and offers you the most versatility in terms of placement and layering of content. Select the "Create a Show" option from the left had menu and then from the window that opens pick the "Free Design Template" option.



You will then be taken to the standard screen for entering the Show name (mandatory) the Show description, Show screen resolution from the drop down menu and the timezone.  Select these options and enter the description and then hit the "Create your Template" button at the bottom.



The next screen you will see is the actual show design tool


This is meant to be a canvas onto which you can add, move, adjust and label panels. You can layer Panels on top of each other.  When you get to the window seen below,  the first thing to do is to hit the "Add panel" button at the bottom of the screen to add a new panel.


You will notice that when you add a new panel, the panel has blue scroll handles that automatically appear around the panel allowing you to adjust the size by holding your mouse press down and dragging. You will also notice that in the config list on the right hand side the panel label (in this case "panel1") appears in the box, as well as the exact coordinates (top and left) and the precise size in pixels of the panel (default is 250 x 150).  This right hand side menu is actually a live menu - you can change all the values of these fields to change the properties of the actual panel you added.  Once you have made any changes, click "Apply".


Change the label of the panel to something more understandable based on the content that it will hold - e.g. Background Panel. If you are making the panel the full background of the Show, then enter the full width and height of the Show.  The dimensions of the Show are always displayed at the top of this window.  Click on the "Apply" button at the bottom of this list. This will cause the panel in the left hand design window (panle1 in this case) to change to reflect the new settings you have entered.



The panel now occupies the whole screen and has a new label. You can click on "Delete" on the right hand side to remove the selected panel, or you can click on the "Start Over" button on the bottom left to remove all panels added so far.


Now let's add an additional panel by clicking the "Add Panel" button at the bottom left once again.  A new 250 x 150 panel will appear with the label - "panel2".



We can now drag this panel to the place on the screen that we would like and adjust the size of the panel using the blue handles along the border of the panel.



Give your panel a new name (e.g. media as in the example above) and move it to a position in the layout that you prefer.  You may notice that there are two buttons labeled "Up" and "Down" in the right hand side menu. This will move the currently "selected" panel down a layer or up a layer in your design.  Clicking on the "Down" button while the media panel is selected will move the "media" panel behind the "background" panel.  It would disappear from view in this case, as it is smaller than the "background" panel.


If you are creating a layout for a much larger resolution of screen than shown in the example image above (which is 800 x 600), then you can take advantage of the "Zoom In" and "Zoom Out" option buttons at the top of the screen.  If your new layout is a screen size larger than the browser window you are currently working in - then a "zoomed out" view of the overall canvas will automatically appear.  You will then need to zoom in to 100% to see the actual layout to scale. The "Zoom In" and "Zoom Out" modes allow you to work with panels, but are showing scaled down or up views and are not entirely precise to the pixel.  Precise pixel sizes can be entered and applied in the fields to the right.


Always zoom your design to the full view - this may require you to zoom out to 60% or less, so that you can see the entire layout design and ensure that you haven't left any blank space around the edge of your design.


Add as many more panels as you need using the technique described above and add labels to the panels that you add. Each panel can be selected and dragged or re-sized using the blue scroll handles on the border of the panel. Be sure to make sure that you are selecting the panel first before moving or changing the values in the list on the right hand side.


Once you are finished with the design you can now click on the "Save" button at the bottom and you will then be taken to the "MyShows" window with your Show design appearing in the left hand side window and your new Show will be listed on the right. To start adding content simply click on the "Edit" button to the right of the Show name you have chosen.



This will then take you to the Playlist window where you can start to add content slides to each of the panels.