Display5 is a web based application designed to be used with a browser for both the Content Management tasks (to build a Show), as well as the playback of content on a media player (to play a Show). Display5 works with many browsers for content management (Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer, etc.) and also for playback of content you can select from a wide range of browsers depending on the OS that is on the player.  This user guide covers the use of the cloud version of Display5 and does not include many of the enterprise features available in the full version, such as Emergency Management, player management and integration with LDAP and other enterprise platforms.


Getting Started

Once you have signed up and created an account with Display5 cloud service at  you will have been logged in to the main "My Shows" panel.



This is your main dashboard where you can see any Shows you have created, edit the Shows by clicking on the edit button, view the content library and see any schedules items and Show sequences that you may have created.  When you first register you will notice that all of the panels are empty. This is because you have not created any Shows yet.  Creating a Show will load content into your library.


You will notice a red message at the top left of the screen that is advising you to open the menu.  When you click on the menu icon a menu will open on the left side of the screen.  Clicking the menu button again will collapse the menu. 





When the navigation menu is open you will see a list of available options and controls for managing your Shows.  Close the navigation menu as you need more screen real estate for managing and previewing content.