Kiosk Show

Display5 offers you the ability to create a Kiosk show for a situation where you would like to be able to orient the screen in a portrait rather than the default landscape mode. The process to create the show is very similar to that covered at the beginning of this guide for the static template design. Select the "Create Show for Kiosk" from the menu on the left hand side.  Then you will be presented with the following screen:



Enter the show name (mandatory), the timezone, etc. and then pick a target screen size from the list.  You will notice that the screens on the right are shown vertically or in portrait mode.


Then after selecting and entering this information on the following screen you can pick from the list of templates that are defined in the system



Click on "Next" to save your choice and you will be taken directly to the Playlist screen for the Show and you can now start adding your content slides.