Scheduling a Slide

To schedule the content of the slide you have created you need have the edit slide details window open (see "Editing a Slide after Saving") and scroll down to "Schedule Slide" on the right side of the pop-up. Click on this link and a new window will open that looks like this:



You will notice that the "from" and "to" times are set to midnight.  This slide is set to play constantly, 24 hours a day, on all days that are checked in the "Day of the Week:" list via a blue check mark. You can now modify when the slide is played in the following ways:


1.     Time of day:  You can specify the time range that this slide will play.  For example, setting the start time to 06:00 and the end time to 12:00 will mean that this slide will only play in the mornings from 6 AM until Noon.

2.     Day of week:  You can uncheck any of the days in the list and this will cause the slide to not play on those days.

3.     Start/Stop date:  When left blank this means that the slide will play all year round. If however you specify a start date and an end date, by clicking on the calendar button at the right of the fields, then the slide will only play between those dates and at no other time.


You can combine any of these time and date settings for each slide and set up a specific schedule for the slide. When you have made the desired changes, click on "Save" to close the "Schedule slide" window. Then to apply the changes to the new schedule you must ALSO hit the "Apply" button on the "Edit Slide" window.  Finally, select the "Close" button to close the edit slide window and you will be returned to the Playlist screen. You may need to refresh the browser window to see updates to the slide.


In the Playlist screen you will now see the slide that you added has a small clock beneath the publish radio button.  This indicates that this slide now has a schedule attached to it. This is a reminder, so that you can always be aware at a glance, that the slide may not play in the Show you are playing.  It will only play if you are playing the Show when that Slide is scheduled.  If you want to remind yourself of what the schedule for the slide is, then you can click on the mini clock to open a new window that will contain the details of the schedule you have set for the slide. If you want to change the settings, then click on the edit slide button at the bottom of the schedule window.