Slide Playback Sequence

Display5 is a very simple to understand system in that you are presented with a WYSIWYG [What You See Is What You Get] interface. For each panel in your Show you will have a slide Playlist that plays in a top to bottom sequence, and then restarts at the top again. You will notice that beside the slide duration is an up or down arrow.


These arrows allow you to move a slide up or down in the order of playlist. This means that the first (or top) slide plays first. You can ALSO change the order of playback by grabbing (clicking on and holding you mouse click) and moving the entire slide line up or down in the playlist.  Each line is a draggable item.


In the image below you can see that the second text item in the list is being moved to the top most position.



This technique for moving the slides is especially effective when you have a large number of slides in a playlist.


Each slide will play for the exact number of seconds specified in the duration column, and the Playlist will cycle through, over and over, until the show is stopped.