System Ticker

Display5 provides a System Ticker for some Show templates.  A System Ticker is a centrally managed ticker message list, where you can:

1. Create multiple ticker messages

2. Manage the message properties - speed, color, font properties, etc.

3. Change the order of the messages

4. Assign different messages to different Shows


The System Ticker panel is clearly indicated when selecting a "Panel Layout" during the steps you take when you create a Show. 



The System Ticker is managed centrally for all the Shows that have a System Ticker.  You can change the settings for the tickers for each Show.  The system ticker offers the added advantage of being able to manage multiple messages that will appear in a single panel in each Show.  This allows you to add, move, change styles and edit messages quickly and easily from one place.


Adding a Message

Click on the "Ticker Management" button at the bottom of your Playlist window as shown in the image above.  A new window will open that looks like this:



Notice that there is a default "Welcome…" message already in the message list. Once you click "Add a Message", to add a new ticker message, you will be taken to a new window (below), where you can then type in a new message (or select from a list of RSS feeds or headline feeds instead).



Type into the message box, select a target show (which by default selects the Show you are working on) and then pick a font and font color for the text.



Click on the "Save" button to save the new message and you will now see it appear in the ticker message list on the main ticker page - see below. Now you can move the message up in the play list of messages using the arrow keys or you can delete or edit the message properties.



System Ticker Settings

To make changes to the background color, font size, etc. for the ticker you will need to click on the "Ticker Settings" button at the top of the window, see above, and you will then be taken to a new window where you can adjust the settings.



Here you can adjust the speed of the ticker movement (1-5 where 5 is the fastest) and the ticker font size and the background color. These changes when saved will only affect the tickers in the Show you are working on and not the other Shows you have created.